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View Anatomy External Ear Pinna Pics

View Anatomy External Ear Pinna Pics. The external ear can be functionally and structurally split into two sections; Auricle (pinna) and external auditory meatus.

Anatomy and physiology of the ear pdf >
Anatomy and physiology of the ear pdf > from

A) pinna or auricle b) external auditory canal c) tympanic membrane pinna : The external ear • • • • •. Anatomically, the ear can be looked at in three parts:

The auricle (or pinna) of the external ear concentrates and amplifies sound waves and channels them through the external acoustic opening into the external acoustic meatus, which conducts them to the tympanic membrane, also known as the eardrum.

Published by amberly stone modified over 5 years ago. The skin is closely adherent to the perichondrium. The auricle in humans is almost rudimentary and generally immobile and lies close to the side of the head. View this anatomical diagram of your ear to see how the inner ear, middle ear and external ear work together to allow you to hear.

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