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View Anatomy Definition Thalamus Background

View Anatomy Definition Thalamus Background. Thalamus, plural thalami, either of a pair of large ovoid organs that form most of the lateral walls of the third ventricle of the brain. Thalamus definition, the middle part of the diencephalon through which sensory impulses pass to reach the cerebral cortex.

Summary of proposed organization of thalamic complex based ...
Summary of proposed organization of thalamic complex based … from

The thalamus, or the dorsal and ventral thalamus collectively, are two oval structures made up of gray matter at the base of the cerebrum. It is involved in sensory perception and regulation of motor functions. On its medial surface, the thalamus forms the upper part of the lateral wall of the third ventricle.

It is the part of the brain where the sensory information from all over the body converge and are then sent to various areas of the cortex.

In this short preview video, we introduce you to this fascinating structure! About the size of a pearl, the hypothalamus directs a multitude of important functions in the body. Also, they are two components of the diencephalon, which is a division of the forebrain. Anatomy of the thalamus • definition:

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