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Download Eye Anatomy Face Images

Download Eye Anatomy Face Images. The face and the scalp have the brow in common. Our faces are designed such that they change with our bodies, whatever we encounter inside surfaces itself on our faces.

The Difference Between Asian and Caucasian Eyes | Facial ...
The Difference Between Asian and Caucasian Eyes | Facial … from

Adnexa can be found in different parts of the body, like the uterus and the eye area. It has a tortuous route along the nasolabial fold towards the medial angle of the eye. In anatomy, the orbit is the cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated.

The description above only offers a superficial overview of the anatomy of the eyelid.

The ear is positioned between the upper eyelid and the tip of the nose, but this is only when the face is level. The eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes and lacrimal apparatus make up the adnexa of the eye. There are six extraocular muscles that control eye movements. It extends superiorly up to the hair line, inferiorly up to the chin and base of the mandible and on every side up to the auricle and is the front aspect of the head.

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