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Download Anatomy Ear Outer Gif

Download Anatomy Ear Outer Gif. The outer ear, external ear, or auris externa is the external part of the ear, which consists of the auricle (also pinna) and the ear canal. The auricle (or pinna), and the external acoustic meatus.

The Inner Ear: Anatomy, Location, and Function
The Inner Ear: Anatomy, Location, and Function from

Sound moves through the auricle and the auditory canal, a little duct that ends at the ends at the eardrum. Malleus, incus, and stapes (see the ear is a multifaceted organ that connects the central nervous system to the external head and neck. Ear flap, ear canal and outer layer of the ear drum (photo c).

The ear canal starts at the outer ear and ends at the ear canal.

Anatomy has two names for the ear flap and either one works: There are three parts of the ear structure: External or outer ear, consisting of: What is outer ear infection ?

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