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29+ Anatomy Definition Of Synergist Background

29+ Anatomy Definition Of Synergist Background. A muscle that helps another muscle perform a particular function effectively 2. A synergist muscle is a muscle which works in concert with another muscle to generate movement.

Synergist Anatomy - Anatomy Drawing Diagram
Synergist Anatomy – Anatomy Drawing Diagram from

Hip flexion keeps the upper body from falling backwards when standing erect. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Enhance an effect (2) (chemistry) any chemical substance that can increase the effect by mutually working together with another, and by which any of them cannot produce the same extent of.

The biceps brachii flex the lower arm.

Learn about synergists anatomy with free interactive flashcards. The synergist in a movement is the muscles that stabilises a joint around which movement is. Effects when chemical substances or biological structures interact resulting in an overall effect that is. Of or pertaining to synergy or synergism;

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