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26+ Anatomy Right Ear Gif

26+ Anatomy Right Ear Gif. The ear is the organ of hearing and, in mammals, balance. The ear is a sensory organ that enables hearing and regulates balance.

Right Temporal Bone 1
Right Temporal Bone 1 from

Copyright Ā© all rights are reserved by ghada m w ageih felfela. Hansen, phd chapter:head and neck page:400. Netter's clinical anatomy 2nd edition author:john t.

The antihelix and tragus form the boundaries of the ear canal opening.

Ear anatomy can vary a great deal, and, alongside normal and relatively minor differences, there are a number of more significant and impactful variants. This video is designed to support lecturers in the classroom and aid students in their. Figure 1.2 concave surface of the right dog pinna. The outer part of the ear collects sound.

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