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18+ Notch Anatomy Definition Pics

18+ Notch Anatomy Definition Pics. A notch is a small cut or nick in something. How to use notch in a sentence.

Jugular notch; Suprasternal notch
Jugular notch; Suprasternal notch from

The superior surface of the anatomical neck is presented in the classification of scapular fractures strnad, t., bartoníček, j., naňka, o. We found 51 dictionaries with english definitions that include the word notch: A remarkable achievement, especially in a successive string or tally of casual.

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'the basic human sciences involved are anatomy, physiology, and psychology.' 'the book is primarily designed for students of forensic anthropology and presumes a background in human anatomy and. Intensive care physiotherapy programme online course: Notch add to list share. Definition of notch by medical dictionary.

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